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Launch date: 11.11.11.

‘Beyond the Material World’

Contact: iaqa@hotmail.co.uk


Mission Statement

Our aim is to explore the art/science interface by participating in activities which aim to transform human understanding of contemporary theories of reality: at present these include quantum theory, parallel worlds, multiverse, higher dimensional space, string theory and cosmology.

The IAQA is a new contemporary art collective comprising of Jean Harlow (Founder Artist) and Diana Ali (Curator Artist) along with two US based quantum artists, Paula Hawkins and Solomon Kane. We will explore the idea of artistic visions which intuitively reach beyond this three-dimensional, material world to explore alternative possible realities through taking a positive approach. Through this collective we are pleased to announce our first exhibition at Bar Lane Gallery in York. The show will explore the statement ‘Seeing Beyond the Material World ’ and aims to be inspirational and encouraging others to reach out towards a more positive and sustainable future.



about the first exhibition


We have now selected 17 artists to participate in our first exhibition 'Beyond the Material World'. The selected artists are required to build an interactive space around their work’s focus which will act as a ‘world’ in which the audience will participate and intervene with the art. Each artist’s world will connect to the next in the exhibition space. ‘Space’ can be interpreted physically as well as mentally. We also ask the artists to integrate audience participation within their work to demonstrate our belief in that this is a participatory universe: we actively create our own reality.


Works featured will move away from dominating fixed theories and measures of conventional science. We are taking the view that art can be a viewed as a platform for multiple expressions of social ideals; where art and science co-exist harmoniously. The exhibition strives to have a holistic and egalitarian approach which asks all who participate how we can construct a new outcome or world view together. The works considered provides positive, awe inspiring, futures rather than promoting any apocalyptical visions.


Image courtesy of: Eddy Dreadnought

Jean Harlow (North Yorkshire, UK)

PORTAL: The View Beyond

80cm x 200cm Ink on MDF

Seeing the Unscene: Exploring the Inframince

The Inframince is a hidden dimension of space. It is the boundary line between the third spatial dimension and higher dimensions. Just as a line seen end on becomes a point, or the edge of an area can be seen as a line if viewed from the side- what we perceive as a volume will also have a boundary....somewhere. Harlow believes that space can physically open up and expand into a fourth dimension outside time. If we were able to enter this space we would effectively be observed to 'disappear' from this world, although from our new perspective we would be able to watch the world and space from which we originated. Due to the limitations of our senses, or perhaps our conditioned way of seeing and imagining the world, we are currently bound in the three dimensional scene.

Harlow's work reflects her belief that art can create a portal or doorway through which the mind can glimpse the essence of this higher dimensional reality just as Alice did, when she went through the Looking Glass. Harlow plays with the rules of visual perception, with positive and negative spaces while retaining elements of the real and working in a highly figurative style. She blurs the traditional boundaries between 2D and 3D depictions, handing the possibilties of the scene to the viewer, enabling the mind to envisage new realities beyond the constraints of this material world - seeing the unscene beyond.